Participate in an Event

You don’t have to host an event to fundraise for Cure SMA. Many individuals and families choose to fundraise by participating in one of our existing events.

These events give you, as a participant, the opportunity to set a goal for donations and reach out to your own network of family, friends and coworkers to help you meet your goal. The proceeds from your fundraising efforts will help fund research and family support programs for those affected by SMA.

You can also support Cure SMA by making a donation on behalf of another event participant or individual fundraiser.

Get Started

Visit our event calendar, where you can search for a specific event or just browse what’s going on near you. Once you've found your event, you can register and start fundraising!

Fundraising Tips

A few simple steps can help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts.

Making a Fundraising Ask

  1. Identify the need that you are trying to address.
  2. Explain why it is important to you.
  3. Share what you are doing about it.
  4. Ask your donor to take a specific action.
  5. Pause the conversation. Give your donor a chance to think about what they can give.

Your ask might sound something like this: "One in every 10,000 babies is born with SMA. As someone who has a child, I find this scary, depressing, and unacceptable. So I'm participating in [name of your event] this year to change that statistic. Will you support me by giving a gift of $50?"

Once you have established your ask, challenge everyone in your social circle to contribute to your cause. Ask everyone. Ask big. Ask confidently.

Using Social Media

When you register for an event, you'll be given a personal fundraising page. There, you can add your own story, including a photo or video, sharing why this cause is so important to you. Once you've set up your personal fundraising page, link to it through your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Spread the word!

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match donations made by their employees. These matching gifts are one of the easiest ways to boost your fundraising total. When you send your personal thank you note to each one of your donors, remind them to submit a matching gift form to their employer.

Collecting Change to Grow Your Total

Collecting change is a simple way to help you reach your fundraising goal. A few coins here or there can add up quickly. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ask a local restaurant or store you frequent to display a coin can.
  • Bring a coin can to work and ask your coworkers to support your fundraising efforts in anyway they can.
  • Set-up a coin can near your front door. Encourage your family members to empty the change in their pockets everyday when they come in the door.

Cure SMA has coin cans available for you to use. Email to request one.

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